Clean Cotton Goat Milk Soap


Our Clean Cotton Goat's Milk Soap is handcrafted with high-quality ingredients, skin-loving additives, and essential oil infused fragrance.  Made with goat's milk and shea butter to combat your dry skin..  Our soaps are formulated to give you a rich, creamy lather that feels so good on your skin. 

Weight - 4.5 oz bar - soap is hand-cut and may vary slightly in weight.
Every bar is hand-cut, hand-wrapped, and labeled.


Purified water and saponified oils of tallow, coconut, olive, rice bran, castor, sunflower goat's milk, kaolin clay, colloidal oatmeal, fragrance and mica.


Oh my goodness!  This soap is fresh and clean, just like your towels when you pull them out of the dryer.  If you're looking for a clean cotton scent, look no further. 

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