Charcoal + Tumeric Essential Oil Soap


Luxuriously handmade fine artisan soaps are made with high-quality ingredients and skin-loving additives and scented with premium blended fragrance and/or essential oils.  Our soaps are gentle for everyday use and will leave your skin feeling clean, soft & moisturized. 

Weight - 4.5 oz bar - soap is hand-cut and may vary slightly in weight.
Every bar is hand-cut, hand-wrapped, and labeled.

Soap Trip Gift Set - includes 3 ea 4.5 oz bars plus a sisal soap bag.


Purified water and saponified oils of tallow, coconut, olive, rice bran, castor, sunflower goat's milk, kaolin clay, tea tree & rosemary essential oils, activated charcoal, and Tumeric.

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