The first flicker of inspiration that led to Starlight Soap & Candles began at home over five years ago. Scents, soaps, candles, and family have always been some of my favorite things.

It’s no wonder that we originally crafted soaps in our own kitchen for beloved relatives and friends.

We certainly learned a lot about the process of soap and candle-making in our home-based “lab”. Our house became the Starlight production and fulfillment center with photo shoots set up in the dining room. This was such a fun time!

We poured all of our creativity into making products we loved. Our analytical side embraced the research and science it takes to produce fine soaps and candles. 

Believe it or not, we truly enjoyed the trial and error process. Family and friends were our best testers back then- their support and input continue to be invaluable today.

For over years we have committed ourselves to learning the science of soap-making and developed a love for candle-making. We have always been uncompromising in the ingredients we choose. We want richly scented, lush products that encompass a little whimsy in their practicality. We have meticulously curated some of the very best fragrance combinations and ingredients for the Starlight Soap & Candles product line. Sourcing safe and effective ingredients is crucial to the mission of Starlight Soap & Candles. We search for clean, non-carcinogenic, toxin-free ingredients. Now, we offer an array of items to enhance your home and well-being.

Our wish is that our handcrafted products bring a bit of Starlight into your life!


Darla G.