Talk about Honey Love! This lovely scent adds a touch of warmth and sweetness to any room. The combination of rich golden honey and a meadow of fragrant wildflowers creates a lovely aroma that evokes feelings of simplicity and tranquility.  This scent is a perfect way to enjoy the simple things in life and create a cozy ambiance in any room.

Usage Info

  • Just break off 1-2 cubes and pop them into your wax warmer and enjoy
  • Once the scent weakens, clean out and replace the cubes
  • Recommend using within 6-12 months of purchase for best results

Experience the world through the eyes of a honey bee with the scent of Mountain Meadow Honey. This fragrance encourages us to appreciate the beauty in life's simple pleasures. It captures the essence of a sun-warmed mountain meadow, with beehives overflowing with rich, golden honey.

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