Sweater Weather Candle


Looking for a fragrance that will make you feel warm and cozy during the crisp Autumn and chilly Winter months? Look no further than this delightful scent! Its fresh yet inviting aroma is the perfect balance of crisp mint and delicate notes of green apples and peaches.

With a warm and inviting base of musk and moss, this fragrance is perfect for creating a snug and comforting ambiance. You'll feel like you're wrapped in a cozy sweater, with the scent enveloping you like a soft embrace.  --inspired by the BBW® Sweater Weather.

Soy Wax
Size:  7 oz Net Wt
Approx. Burn Time ~ up to 35 hrs
Dimensions:  2.50" D x 3.25" H
Style: Single-Wick Candle 

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