Grace Candle


Green, citrusy, fresh, top notes with floral middle notes of rose, jasmine & lily enhanced by long-lasting woody, musky, earthy, amber & sweet cotton candy-type bottom notes.  Inspired by Bridgewater's Sweet Grace.   Our Grace won out over the original Sweet Grace in a head-to-head, blindfolded sniff contest.  Give it a try, you won't be disappointed.  

7 oz Candle Jar

  • Wax: Natural Soy
  • Size: 7 oz Net Wt
  • Burn Time: up to 35 hours
  • Dimensions: 2.50" D X 3.25" H
  • Style: Single-Wick Candle

12 oz Candle Jar

  • Wax: Natural Soy
  • Size: 12 oz Net Wt
  • Burn Time: up to 60 hours
  • Dimensions: 3.25" D x 4.25" H
  • Style: Single-Wick Candle

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