scent Profile

Top:  Lemon • Airy Ozone
Mid:  Green Floral • Linen Heart
Base:  Light Musk

Introducing the Fresh Linen Odor Eliminator - the perfect solution to combat unpleasant smells. Using patented olfactory technology, this fragrance oil captures and eliminates bad odors, leaving a refreshing clean scent of fresh linen. The scent is composed of a lemon top note that adds a bright touch to the airy ozone, green floral, and linen heart. To finish off this clean scent, a subtle hint of powdery light musk is added.

Spruce up your space with a spritz.  Always feel at home with our fresh and inviting room fragrances.  Our room sprays instantly fill any room with an incredible fragrance that lingers in the air.   They're great for freshening up your car and linens too!

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