Avo Ginger Wax Melt


Our product features a delightful blend of aromatic notes that create a captivating fragrance experience. The top notes include Mandarin Peel, Green Tea, and Lemon Zest, which provide a refreshing and invigorating burst of citrusy scents. Moving to the middle notes, you'll encounter the warm and spicy essence of Ginger Root, Shaved Nutmeg, Sage Leaf, Haas Avocado, and Agave Nectar, offering a harmonious balance of earthy and herbal tones. Finally, the base notes are enriched with the comforting and sweet aroma of Tonka Bean, adding a subtle touch of warmth to the overall fragrance composition.

Usage Info

  • Just break off 1-2 cubes and pop them into your wax warmer, turn it on and enjoy.
  • Once the scent weakens, clean out and replace the cubes and enjoy some more.
  • Recommend using within 6-12 months of purchase for best result.

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